3 Hackman St, McDowall

Ph: (07) 3353 1228
The Best Start in Life

Tumble Tots McDowall is a family owned and operated child care centre that caters for children aged from 6 weeks until 4 years of age.

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    Opening Hours
    7am to 6pm Monday to Friday 52 Weeks per year (excluding Public Holidays)
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    Facebook Page
    We operate a closed Facebook page in which only current families are allowed access and daily updates and photos are posted each day showing you what your child has been doing that day.
  3. 5
    Whilst we understand that children like to bring their toys from home to show their friends, we encourage children to not bring their toys from home as there is a chance they may get lost or broken. We have a variety of toys and natural play spaces to ensure there are enough resources to keep children engaged throughout the day.
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    All policies are kept on site and parents are free to view these at any time they wish, please see any staff member on site if you wish to view them.
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    All children are allocated a locker to place their bags and belongings in. This helps to teach the children some independence as they learn where their belongings are kept and also enables parents to easily find them on pickup.
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    Attendance / Payment
    Fees are charged for all days booked. This includes sick days, holidays, and public holidays. Payment is required to be paid at least one week in advance at all times to ensure continuity of care. Fees are to be paid via direct deposit and it is the parent's responsibility to ensure fees are paid on time.
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    We Provide
    • Nappies, wipes and sunscreen • Natural grassed play area • Qualified staff with a high level of parenting experience and common sense • Support for families
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    Learning & Development
    • Nurture and care • Age-appropriate educational program • Individualised developmental programs tailored to your child's needs and interests • Partnerships which enhance children's well-being, development and learning holistically