3 Hackman St, McDowall

Ph: (07) 3353 1228
The Best Start in Life

Like a  home away from home for your children.

Tumble Tots McDowall is a modern child-care facility providing a high level of quality care for a small group of children, situated on Brisbane’s northside.
 We work tirelessly to fulfil our philosophy and goals and by doing so actively engage the company’s slogan  “The Best Start in Life”  to all the children in our care.
It is never easy selecting the right child care provider, but we have listened to many parents’ views that the decision would be made much easier if the facility mirrored the same principles as a family home.  We have listened and acted on these views and are proud to say that they have become the cornerstone of Tumble Tots thus creating a unique child care experience that addresses the individual needs of each child in a home based environment.
We also aim to support our parents with additional information, access to support services and any other way we can. 

At Tumble Tots McDowall we believe that:

  • Child Care is an extension of the family and wider community and that we should all work together to support the theory that it takes a whole village to raise a child, respecting different cultures, personalities, and backgrounds.
  • The development of relationships is paramount to scaffolding each child’s individual learning and well-being and is, therefore, the primary goal of our service provision here at Tumble Tots.
  • All children need time and space within a safe and secure environment to be children and to play and grow at their own pace, expand their individual interests and explore new ones using planned and spontaneous activities and experiences.
  • We have a responsibility to encourage children to be active participants in society and to develop an understanding of diversity and sustainability by supporting them to respect each other, themselves and our world.
  • We have a responsibility to support and encourage families and children to live a healthy and active life which enhances the child’s well-being and optimum health.
  • Children need to be supported to develop resilience in a world which can sometimes be challenging so we plan to provide opportunities for children to develop these skills in a secure and safe environment.